Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Paint Night

Only done a few jobs tonight but lucky to do any as the rain was bad yesterday and overnight until dinnertime was cloudy. I got home and masked up the engine other than the sump and rear of engine to paint the crankcases basically as they got tatty where work had been done and where bolts replaced too along with oil breather removed paint was missed.

Whilst that was going on stripped back the clutch and brake reservoir tops to metal as furred up with fluid leak and repainted with etch primer and satin black VHT which is chemical proof apparently. I just need some black  countersunk screws to blend now.

Decided to use the early mirrors on the bike but I have another later set. What's the difference you might ask ?  Well the early ones had a shorter arm stem and the mount is rubber bushed to eliminate vibration but the rear view may be poorer.

Got my tubing for another attempt for the carb breather tubes and success this time as its probably like the original ones BUT... I forgot that I should have ordered 2 metres so ordered another tonight buts its only £1.69 a length. I had to open the end up with a 5mm allen key and a hair dryer to push over the 5mm diameter drain stub.

I also picked up a set of brand new battery power leads for free but they don't do the job they were expected to do considering meant to be made for the early bike. I will probably not use and pass back or pass on to a bike the lengths are correct for. Got in touch with Exact-Start to possibly use mine to make copies of.

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