Thursday, 13 July 2017

Putting the brakes on

Today saw three parcel deliveries Firstly the Moto Rapido parts

Then the clutch plates from Germany

And finally the Gasket set

Got on with fitting the Brembo brake pads to the brake calipers and great they are painted red.. Just have to wait for the 2 x 1.00mm  R pins to come to stop pin coming out.

Also ordered 2 battery leads to replace the too long ones I got given and decided to throw £9.45 at them rather than £79.95 to a guy that doesn't seem to want to sell or make me some.
I found this site that offers different lengths and the hole end diameters too so will be just right although I did want the chassis earth one a tad longer and it will be an extra 35mm than mine I have OEM.

Painted the mirror stems and looking very nice now so will let dry for a long time before I attempt to slide rubber cover on and then I will lube it first.


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