Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Really getting there now

So a week later I am pleased to say that progress is moving very positively in the direction of engines basically going to be assembled by Proteam Ducati next week from Monday if gaskets arrive by then.
Alec has said he will put it together for me asap and then I can then put back in the frame to build the bike up properly and then she will then go back down for a finish running service checkover and MOT possibly if I see fit to do it this year.

So what's happened this week is various things from repairing the scratched alternator cover with a partial respray. I took the oil breather off and that has a scabby bit but all I could do is some fresh paint and lacquer over but is nice now. Ordered a new alloy seal for that.

I got from a fellow UKMOC member some spare banjo's for clutch or brakes and clutch bleed one too and they are now cleaned up ready to go to plate with the fairing bolts and spacers and my spare seat catch which returned.

Another UKMOC member posted me a black plastic handlebar mount bolt fill in plug to fill the missing space as I had only three.

Got my clutch friction plates from Germany but had an annoying time not finding the metal plates and they have gone AWOL so had to bite the bullet and buy some more. After trying to blag some with no avail I got offered some yesterday but too late sadly so £83 loss there.

Stein Dinse second parts came too consisting of the oil seals for the camshafts gear shift lever shaft, brembo rear brake caliper spring clips, footrest ball bearing passenger ones, oil breather tube, sump plug.



Oil cooler mounts were replaced with same width same thread but 20mm diameter instead of 25 and more than half the price of Ducati one for 4 of these.

I also got another pair of brembo dust caps too.

Today I ordered pretty much the last parts needed from Moto Rapido and they are the important bits for putting engine together.
New cambelts, air filter, gasket seals for oil lines, pressure switch, breather valve, front and rear brake pads, piston gudgeon pin circlips.

Had one more go at getting some tube for the carb breather and this time I think I have been lucky with some 6mm OD pneumatic air line pipe in black. The silicon stuff doesn't stay open as too soft but will be handy to keep and use somehow.

Tonight I managed to remove the seized up sump plug which would not chisel off and the hexagon was rounded out. I managed to get a bolt and reduce the head size bigger and reinstate a hexagon. It was hard to do but is now out and will repaint the bottom again as I replaced the crankcase bolts one at a time for the originals after getting them replated .

Engine is pretty stripped down agin though ready to go off and cannot wait for that part.

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