Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Took a gamble just because of a look

Tonight with over a weeks thinking I took the plunge on another exhaust on Ebay. This time no lucky unchamfered right hand early one in need of some minor love but a hopefully decent enough left hand one to convert to without chamfer. Been studying it for writing and font correct and no damage can be seen on the piece where the chamfer is. I paid £45 for it delivered.

So heres my plan but it needs the assistance of someone who can weld stainless and with a mind set of creating something for the right reason. That hopefully will be Andy ( Big Oz ) and I have already been playing with the exhausts that came with the bike by taking the left one apart to see how they are made.

Firstly I made one mistake in the fact they are made from the front and not the rear as the baffle end is welded from inside and then to the front. If you take off the hanger plate the exhaust outer tube will slide back an inch or so but stop because of the header end being angled.

The way to attack these is remove the 2 bolts holding the hanger on. Then get a piece of wood and tap it gently onto the front pipe and then hold the exhaust vertically to the ground and tap hard on the floor and the sleeve will slide down a bit. Next job is carefully grind back the tube that goes to the silencer and that tube pulls out. Once removed and the soot and carbon comes out.
Then the sleeve will come right off.

My next task will be to get a mandrel made hopefully by an old school friend who works at a waterjet cutting company and my plan is to measure exactly the inside shape of the end of the unchamfered one and make a pattern to give to them with as small a tolerance as possible and make the mandrel from something that wont wear but allow the alloy sleeve to take the shape without distortion. If necessary have two made that has holes cut in same place that can be threaded and bolted together or have a rod to assist pushing through.

If that works ok I then have another old exhaust that I can cut out part of the front silencer where its just angled and get that cut in to where the other one chamfered even as a dummy piece.
If it works well and I remove other sleeve I may be able to get both sleeves cleaned up and re anodised before replacing back on and then welding back the front pipes again.

Well that's my plan anyhow sounds simple enough but the finish has to be good.

Sorted a few more bolts out tonight that needed cleaning for plating and removed the flutes on the ends as the originals seem to have been cut down and too short for rear brake caliper and 3-4 mm too short which is not good.

Also found out the oil way banjos that go to the barrels look different to brake and clutch. Need them investigated to see if its definitely needed to get oil pressure correct etc. Here are the ones I see on Stein Dinse note the ends seem to have a nib

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