Monday, 17 July 2017


Few things occurred in last few days. Got more parts for the benefit of reliability namely battery leads some free from a mate but some were way too long so I found a source on ebay that make certain sizes with suitable hole sizes. They were very close to length at 250mm and 150mm and are much bigger diameter 16mm size. You can also use as PIGGY BACK too. only cost less than £10 for hopefully better starting at least.

I got my second length of plastic pneumatic tube too and fitted that the same way heating up one end and opening the diameter. I may need some kind of metal ring to keep it tight over or hot glue them on.

Brake pads got fitted last week and fitted the R pins so they are all done ready to be filled with brake fluid and bled.

A strange occurrence happened to getting my tank back from my mate Andy but it is now home and ready to be got painted by a new source who is recommended by my local Ducati man Alec and hopefully soon it will be winging its way to him along with the seat cowl and possibly fairing too. Its shape is now much better and minimal filling is better than before thanks to him. I need to order tank decals and extra cowl decals too if both being done along with another Made in Italy and Agip one from Image Works

Andy took back with him the parts to repair the rear exhaust clamp with the stripped thread so hoping that's done soon as another part ready to fit.

Also discussed was a plan to renovate and alter a left hand exhaust into a un-chamfered one as per introduction year. Most are ruined or still on good bikes and unavailable so having a right hand side one I need to have a go at least. Andy has great welding skill and my desire and helpful ability will do this purely because its possible. I have a decent left hand side one coming soon to go with my complete good set.

I painted the rear footrest hangers last week with silver and lacquered them a few times and dried over two days. Tonight they were reassembled again but the carbon fibre heel guards has a much deeper lustre now with a coat of lacquer same as the casings. Actually managed to completely do them tonight including the rear footrests with the springs and ball bearings to keep them in an upright position when not in use. And also fitted the stainless steel E clip retaining the central pivot pins.

I have coming shortly a gasket set for the fuel pump just in case because I split the unit open to replate the main cover again. I was lucky enough to find one in UK as mostly only seem to be available in USA but luckily works out the same price even if cheaper without post from USA.

Today the engine went down to Alec@Proteam Ducati so will be very quickly return if all goes to plan.

I solved another niggle today too that I only realised the other day existed or that I may have forgot. Whilst putting the front brake caliper on I noticed I have two pairs of bolts one heads smooth and one pair fluted so a quick ask on UKMOC and a kind soul is sending me a set of four to refinish. It really makes a difference to me to have it right so am really grateful other than turning them down on a lathe or trying to get new ones similar. Now that wont do at all.

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