Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Engines back and back in the frame

Had a message early today the engines done ready for me to pick up. I picked it up this afternoon late and manhandled it back into the garage with care.
Being only me home I contemplated waiting but configured my plan of getting the engine back into the frame with care and low risk. Being as the engines in the stand off the ground I only had to lift the frame to clear the 25" height and lower down carefully but at some point I had to remove stand and pack on wood as the rear frame mount would interfere. I managed the first stage and then my wife come home and made phase two happen by upending the stands and bolting through the rear lower engine holes to give the frame stability and then carefully lifted the  front cylinder level to front mount and Caroline pushed the bolt home.


As it stands now is purely engine in and figuring the wiring layout properly routed before I tighten it all down. Carbs are on purely to keep out stuff going in engine.

Paintwork has been delivered and will be given to Proteams painter guy soon as.

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