Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Forwards back forward slowly

Just saying that because it feels like it. Positively its moving at a pace I am happy with and only spending small time on the bike.

Had a couple of backward steps by buying good parts that don't quite fit as was from a 916 and cable was too short with clip ons  Now I could have unsoldered the horn and pass button or lengthened the cables inside the cabling but I luckily found by chance a Cagiva River switchgear for £12.49  and bought it along with a Delphi 10 way connector. Switchgear is very tidy no marks and right length of cable just needs gentle clean. That will be done in the next few days all crimped up and clean.


916/748 switchgear will be sold on again along with the old monster one.

Second back step was the new grey chain slider plate . Its on but looks wrong on my bike, The original although usable is a dirty white yellow and took the plunge tonight on an early one that looks brown but will look more antique, If not I will use the original one.

I won a second hand early clutch slave that needs a tidy up for a £10 and will be a test to use if I can use the early heavier version. The frontage is different in the circular D logo is just a circle and worded hydraulic clutch.

Tonight I started tightening up some parts like engine and swingarm etc marking on the bolts with yellow paint pen to let me know torqued up as per factory standard.

Fitted the rectifier again and moved the earth cable down from the top mount to the correct lower one.

Hoping to get the missing bracket soon from another mate who offered also to swap my cambelt covers for unpainted originals as someone painted my prior to my ownership gloss black. I painted them a satin grey much closer.

Once I get clip I can fit carbs and airbox and battery cables finished.

Sidestand should be here next day or so hopefully but no news on Stein Dinse parts as yet on back order.

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