Sunday, 6 August 2017

Little progress

I say little progress because sadly still waiting on engine coming back. Disappointed slightly but there is nothing I can do to change that fact. I was also hoping at the same time of pick up put in parts for repaint as I got the decals Friday morning in the post. I was most pleased with them as well a the decent cost of £18 inc post.

I also received a bespoke set of battery leads for a discounted price for helping access the length and way they could and should be routed with a better starting using modern cables and improved crimps.

It uses 16mm cable and also consists of an extra cable to go from battery earth to engine earth instead of the short earth from engine to frame near footrest mount. That aside I still wanted that's  one in my kit to use as OEM design.
One cable though is going back to be cropped by 40mm as to my feeling its too long comparatively with no necessity and it appears  was from a Ducati SS which may have a different set up.

Regards paintwork I have decided to get the Yellow front fairing painted Red alongside the tank and seat cowl.

A guy on UKMOC is assisting me on my quest to do graphic text on my number plate and just needs to improve the sharpness of a screen grabbed image I gave him but so far its looking good with an added DUCATI to it old style.

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