Tuesday, 1 August 2017

More bits more small steps

Well I am on holiday so a relaxed state chilling doing small pieces when I wish and have the time. Some small changes have happened and some small things have caused more dilemmas too.

I got the rear mudguard wings and washers in the post yesterday early and washers were same as OEM and perfect job done there.

The wings were very nice but top mountings caused issues resulting in looking at the microfiche on Stein Dinse site the rear pair are or should be longer if fitting these wings to the bike. Not available via Ducati in longer length and interweb searches don't have a proper looking match in style or colouring so its back to Germany for yet another order and a few more bits to lesson the pain and replace some worn parts for the hell of it.

I did try to adapt the fittings but it would mean raising the tea tray on 4mm spacers with very little thread clamping or lowering the rear mudguard 4mm but give a bigger gap in between and then fit grubscrews to the bottom that 4mm in the thread and then fit top fix over them and then a nut.

I thought what the heck just buy the real bits on back order do it right looks right is right.

Today the plating came back all nice and shiney and where needed parts have been fitted back.



Big news is engines coming back before end of Friday I have been told yesterday so will be very  pleased to see it back on the bike lift.

In conversation with a guy about battery leads properly designed and better earths at the moment so that's a benefit to me.

I had the benefit of offered a small part which is missing and doesn't look like it does much tbh so that's a relief because it would have meant yet another order to Germany and £16 to costs too. Its in a batch of plating to be done soon by Mark ( Darkness of UKMOC )

My old schoolfriend also contacted me yesterday about waterjetting the mandrel for the exhaust opening out of the chamfer and we need to meet and have a discussion with a drawing and dimension of exhaust.

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