Monday, 21 August 2017

Rolling chassis

Been gently working on the bike over a few hours each time. Nothing major but its now got two wheels and rear suspension.
Nothing is tightened up full torque just progressing in getting right bolts right hole right washers etc. Think a large footrest hanger washer or two are missing from original parts but I have 1 or 2 I can adapt possibly but not averse to donated shiney one from someone who fitted rear sets for good. 8mm hole or 10mm hole ok. Also missing a spacer presumed aluminium for the spacing to fit side stand as back hole needs to be out the thickness of the side stand plate. That needs to be a size of 30mm diameter by 8mm thick with a 10.5mm clearance hole with 0.5mm chamfers . Same as a termi spacer hi level if anyone has one knocking about spare or can turn me up one
I have a confession also as missing also is a m10 bolt x 25mm for the front side stand hole. Don't tell anyone but its now a stainless steel one possibly forever unless someone has one in steel but shiney.

The Ohlins rear shock will need a shorter pipe by 6" I figure to keep it out the way of exhaust and getting trapped in a spring coil.
Can get the bracket I need to make rough made for a good fabricated one of 2-3mm plate then.

My battery leads all fit well and the extra earth fits neatly inside the loom to rear engine earth.

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