Sunday, 10 September 2017

Another week on

Not a huge bit of work happened other than tightening some finished parts up in the copper crush washer department etc. Its been more of a week of unscheduled purchases that were clearly lucky looking on ebay.
I was looking for some odd tea tray bolts and I ended up with a rear mint swingarm from USA.

I have not yet got the clutch slave as Hermes service is useless and being sent back to seller.
I got the bolts to modify for tea tray fitment with wings which should work once turned down to M6. I am still getting the secondhand ones tomorrow  and hoping there is a airbox to oil catch pipe too.
I got gifted a decent oil airbox and that's going on the bike when swingarm is swapped when delivered.
The rear ohlins shock I am hopeful is going to HM Racing when they contact me I can take it down for shortened hose.
Spray painted the side stand black as correct.

Had a look at some parts on my bike when I was fitting front brake splitter and had a quick search for new OEM not replica indicators like my rear pair. Found a boxed pair then I spotted a left hand mount as mine is grazed on an edge and has like the right hand side a minor pin locator repair. I bought that for a £10 posted and searched for a right side one but only in USA. Hmm $11 plus post  Heck why not just do it. I don't think there is much more I can replace new or need to other than possibly if a speedo or that left exhaust turned up. Doubtful the latter.

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