Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Postman delivered a nice present

Today I am very happy. Swingarm has flown over and been delivered and is on bike but loosely as needs an extra shim.
It is in very nice condition as I thought and wasn't disappointed and all I needed to do was give it a light clean and remove some old grease and scrub up the chain guide. I refitted the shiney bolts and I cannot fit properly until I get the Ohlins back maybe next week after HM racing service it and fit the shorter hose.

I managed to get the tea tray bolts as I want them as a few friend put some m8 bolts on his lathe and reduced the diameter to 6.0mm so I could die them down to m6 and cut to length which I did yesterday. They work and look good enough to use once they get plated sometime later.

He also gave me his old airbox breather pipe so I don't have to use my repaired end one.

Carbs are now fitted and just have to fit throttle cables  and choke cable.

Should get my new indicators tomorrow if Hermes bloke actually turns up as he doesn't like delivering to anyone else next door or otherwise as he must be paranoid. This is the guy who wont also leave a contact number so you cannot tell him you wont be there either and also doesn't leave a second or third calling slip and then just sends it back to seller.