Sunday, 3 September 2017

Slowly slowly catchy monkey

As the words go some small progression but nothing huge.

I got some work done today mostly but on Friday I got the connector block to refit the Cagiva switchgear to Ducati fitment. That all went fine and its quite nice doing electrical plumbing sometimes. Still have to decide whether to use the top cover from my old one or not though. I have started to try and fine sand the scratch out of the black plastic and is working but the scratch is deep. Its looking better but will never be perfect though.

Saturday was pretty uneventful

Sunday my wife picked up my parcel from Mark with the cambelts and clip from Post Office as surprised was open tbh. Well parcel home and very well wrapped for protection the belt covers were clean tidy and very nice condition. So glad of the chance to have a swap for unpainted ones from a mate who cares how my bike will look.  They were fitted today and all bolted down.

The little clip also was fitted but still not sure whether its rightly positioned.

I repainted the left hand footrest better in a place that showed flatness and gave it some more love this time without missing an area and then some lacquer on it and also a couple of overcoats on the carbon fibre side covers.

Fitted the footrest all back together again later and now fitted back on the bike with gear change connected too and also fitted the side stand.

Moto Rapido supplied the correct rubber oil cooler mounts I decided needed OEM in the end.

Stein Dinse parts due on Tuesday apparently which includes the speedo mount bolts, tea tray rear long bolts, brake lever rubber, and tank pivot nylon bushes and swingarm chain slider bolts and hugger ones.

Still awaiting clutch slave due this week.

I also ordered a batch of 30 HEL copper crush washers for clutch and brake lines so I can tighten them up and put some fluid in and bleed the system.

And a couple of each aluminium crush washers 5mm and 6mm for the manifold screws.

Think that's it for now. Have pics but nothing major to show tbh

PS had to reorder some AGIP decals for oil service on the clutch after I found them last month I seem to have mislaid them again so easier to get another pair for £3.50

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