Monday, 9 October 2017


So its been a while since I posted. A little further on and once again more steps back finding out parts are not suitable for this model but also major finds making it correct and better.
Things like the lefthand exhaust find in a friends garage loft and that is holy grail to me. Funny thing is a few days later a pair are on ebay but not mint and found out another friend was bidding so left him to it to which he did win them.

I also got another speedo with more miles but reading level across the digits and that's cleaned up nice.

Airbox to is correct not a mix of old and newer and has all the elephants on there.
All the indicators are on with new brackets so have to spares to sell.
Fitted the carbs on with better breather pipes with correct look and fit clips.
Airbox fitted after fitting all the cables and breathers and figured out what that missing clip did. It keeps the carb breather tube close to the manifold pipe and away from the choke cable mechanism.

I cleaned up the lefthand exhaust as good as I want and is not mint just like the righthand one but is fine.
Still awaiting the ohlins to return but checked today and they are waiting for the hose. I made an error last week buying a cheap 620 one but got the length size wrong and not only is it too short but could fit as fittings are 0.50mm too wide. Never the less I got a nice original one today is very nice condition from France and will be a genuine spare if needed to be original look show condition.
I got the suspension hoop re-powdercoated for free last week and matches the springs better than it was.

Yesterday on my day off I made the bracket for the ohlins remote from aluminium plate and tube and should fit good once I know position is clear from any rubbing or obstruction. Its bolted together right now but I will probably get Big Oz to alloy weld it once sure its ok.

Got a pair of handlebar weight bar ends I think correct ones from USA last night NOS just wont have the plated bolts in them but stainless and also got stainless reservoir screws too not allen socket fitment but Phillips type.
My bar ends are later and slightly larger diameter and may look too new.

Also in case I don't find my airbox clip roll pins x 2 I ordered 4 stainless ones. I know they are somewhere in the garage near but I did find the missing Agip decals so now have 4 of them for service records over the next few years at least.
I think I also have a free rear exhaust clamp coming from another UKMOC guy in case my repaired one looks too repaired.
A week or so ago I assisted fitting the tank decals on for lining up correctly or to my satisfaction. I am just waiting for the tank to be sent back lacquered to Proteam along with fairing and seat cowl. If I am honest I am worried somethings wrong as its been 10 days since then as when I was there the tank stand was a bit wobbly. My minds thinking it may have fell over but I reckon it is me being paranoid right !
In November I am booking some time off to finish it complete as every thing will be there and tbh there is little to do as soon as I can fit the back wheel back on which I cannot do right now.


  1. is there anyone that can help me getting good and quick cash for cars perth kind of service, i really need one. Any contact detail would be good.

  2. Hi Albie,

    Absolutely love what you've done with this Monster and it has been an inspiration for me to do the same with my 1993 M900.

    I am really struggling to get a colour match for the frame though, my local paint stores can't seem to match it. Is there any chance you have a code or could point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks,