Sunday, 25 February 2018

Its complete bar the shouting

Update its finished finally give or take the tweaks and running it to make sure no issues.
Its been a while since I posted on here but spent time away doing stuff to bike and being unwell at times not to care too much about social media.
I actually cannot remember the last post without looking it up but the bike has everything done to it as I can possibly do and I am satisfied with it.
The details needed are a small touch up of the frame where some brake fluid has spilt and marked it. I can sort that out when it's warmer soon and a couple of chips on the cam adjuster covers and a small scratch on engine case where the clutch slave hit it. Also the reservoir cover on the front brake fluid has caught the edges.
I still have to remove my ohlins remote bracket or make another to be welded by a friend as it works well where its placed and has been ridden now so all is ok.
The bike went in to Ducati Proteam nearly two weeks ago after I pretty much tried to get everything working well. I spent almost a week trying to bleed the front brakes well but were still spongy. I managed the clutch ok and the rear brake too and even bought a bleeder pump too.
Alec basically commissioned her for the road checking and doing the stuff I couldn't and double checking nuts and bolts etc. We had a issue with carbs sticking on the floats so he removed and checked and all was ok. Once the weather was dry he took it for an MoT with no problem and returned in the van for me. She is currently sitting waiting for these things to be done and just a few rubber cable ties to be fitted as per factory fitment. Then its tax time and a 10 week wait for the weekender where I will ride her up. I will be riding it before of course and didn't spend all the money for her to sit pretty.
Just waiting for a new oil level plate to come to me from a guy on the UKMOC forum who is donating it to my project as mine seems to be lost by someone else. It may return hopefully and I have the intention of getting decals made to repair others whose may have faded.

Thanks for viewing my project and as mad as it may seem this project turned into something I can only describe as desire to build something back only to what it was not what it could be. Its called simply RESTORATION. Its not hard its just having to do something with patience and love.

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